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Apparatus Operation: ID# 1241

Vehicle Description:                                                                  

Year, Make & Model:   1984 FORD, F700, 4-WD       

GVWR: 27,000 lbs., GVW: 26,060lbs.  Front: 8,600 lbs., Rear: 18,460 lbs.

Height:  9' 6”     Length:  24'    Width:  8’     Wheelbase: 15'

Front cramp angle: 35 degrees, Inside / outside turning diameter: 64’ / 83'

Engine: 8.7 liter V8 DETROIT Diesel - 205 HP at 3000 RPM.

Transmission:  Allison MT 643, four-speed automatic transmission

 Unknown type four-wheel drive transfer case - no markings.

Tires: 11R x 22.5 16 PR All Season Type Tread

Water Pump:   Single stage Hale pump powered by John Deere, 4 cycle, 80 hp diesel engine.  NOTE: Pump engine uses main diesel fuel tank.

Pressure Control: None, use pump throttle, monitor pressure & close discharges slowly.

Water Tank: 1000 Gallon Tank, 958 usable gallons. Electric water gauge.

Tank to Pump: OUT is OPEN

Fuel Tank:    50 gallons Diesel located under passenger door.

Primer:         Oil-less electric rotary vane primer.

Foam Equipment:

Hypro 2341B-01 4.5 gpm foam pump, Foam is supplied to all ports except 2½” ports on the pump panel. 25 gallon class A foam tank. Foam educator is in engineer compartment. Attach educator, set to .5% for Class A, 3% for Class B fires. 200psi PDP.

Booster Reel:   One - 1" x 200’ booster hose with nozzle.