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Apparatus Operation: ID# 1231                                                Vin# 3HAEETAR2RL37704

Year & Make: 2023 International HV506SFA 4x4, 4dr Crew Cab / Rosenbauer Type 3x Engine      

GVWR: 35,000lbs. Front:12,000lbs. Rear:23,000lbs. Lt.Wt.:28,350lbs, Front:10,500lbs, Rear:17,850lbs.

Loaded GVW:                                                                                         32,000 lbs.       Front: 11,000 lbs.  Rear: 21,000 lbs.

 Height: 118”= 9' 10"                                                                           Length: 318”= 26' 6"   Width: 98”= 8'2"             Mirrors: 10’ 08”

Wheelbase: 199” = 16’ 7+”.   

Tires: 11R x 22.5 M&S Rated Radials.

Engine:   Cummins L9 360, 6 cylinder,  360 hp @ 2200 rpm, 1150 lb-ft Torque @ 1200rpm, turbocharged, engine brake equipped.

Engine Battery Charger: Mean Well PB600-12, 40 amp battery charger wired to Kussmaul Super Auto Eject 120vac shore power mounted below Driver’s door.

120vac Engine Block Heater inlet mounted below Driver’s door.

Transmission: Allison 3000 EVS, Close Ratio, 5-speed automatic with overdrive & PTO, 2 speed Meritor transfer case (Hi / Low), 4WD.

Pump: 1000gpm Waterous CXVK Hot shift PTO powered, 1-stage main fire pump

1000gpm @ 165psi, 1000gpm @ 150psi, 700gpm @ 200psi, 500gpm @ 250psi.

Green “OK to Pump” light ON when engaged. Red “Pump & Roll” lite on when OK to Pump & Roll. Pump panel lights on when pump engaged or parking brakes engaged.

Pressure Control:  FRC Pump Boss Max PBA 500-A10series Pressure Control Governor on Pump Panel.

Auxiliary Fire Pump: Waterous model E511-C pump powered by Kubota D902-E3-KEA-2, 24.8hp, 3 cylinder inline water cooled diesel engine.  50gpm @ 400psi, 110gpm @ 100psi, 275gpm @ 50psi.

Foam System: Foam ProS107-1600/2.0 electronic foam system, 0.1%-1.0%, 10-320gpm, controlled at Pump Panel.  20 gallon Foam Tank.  Foam level indicator on Pump Panel.

Water Tank:  500 gallons water. Tank Level Indicators located: in cab, left, right & rear of body, lighted when pump engaged. Green=Full, Blue=3/4 tank, Amber=1/2 tank, Red=1/4 tank, Flashing Red= Empty  

Fuel Tank: 50 gallons Diesel Fuel & 7 gallons DEF, tanks located under Driver door.

Tank to Pump & Aux. Pump Valves:  Manual PUSH to Open / PULL to Close.

Primer:  Trident AirPrime air activated, oil-less primer & Auto-Prime, activated by switch on Pump Panel, also has auto-prime function. Auxiliary Pump Primer switch located on cab console.

Master Stream Device: TFT Radius Monitor Deck Gun w/ 300gpm Automatic Comb. Nozzle & Stacked Tips mounted above pump. Caution: Fully extend vertically, manually, prior to use.

Booster Reel: One - ¾" x 200' booster hose with nozzle located at rear of engine body.

NOTE: “Blow Down” booster hose in cold weather to prevent freezing.

Hard Suction: Two each- 5”x 8' and 3”x 8’ suction hose, 1-2 Jet Siphon strainers, and 1-3” Foot Valve strainer.

Starting Procedure:

1.         Turn on "Battery Power” switch located on floor, inside Driver door, left of driver seat.

2.         Turn on keyed ignition switch located on dash right of steering column.

3.         Wait for instrument “prove out”. Dash lights will cycle on and off.

4.         Turn ignition switch further to Start position.                                                          

Engine Shut Down:  Turn Ignition switch off.

Warning Lights:  “Master” rocker switch on center console controls warning lights.

Scene Lights:  Rocker switches on console control scene lights; Front, Left, Right.

Parking Brake Operation:  Yellow Brake knob middle of dash: PULL to set spring parking brakes, PUSH to release.

Engine Brake: Activated by switch top center of dash panel.

Additional Apparatus Information

High center of gravity, approach turns & corners cautiously.

Max slope; side hill- 20%, Up/Down- 30%.

High Idle Control: Switch on dash switch panel.

All Wheel Drive:  Stop vehicle to shift into or out of 4WD while wheels are not slipping.  Transmission in Neutral. Engage Front Axle rocker switch (top center dash) to engage 4WD. Select 4wd or 2wd.

Transfer Case:  Stop vehicle, transmission in Neutral, rocker switch (top center dash) to Neutral then to desired position, “Hi” or “Lo” on rocker switch. Use Lo for 4WD only. Place transmission into Drive.

Pump Operation:

1.         Stop vehicle. Set Brakes.  Place Vehicle Transmission in Neutral.

2.         Engage PTO Pump Shift. Green light indicates pump is engaged.

3.         Open / Push Tank to Pump valve, at Pump Panel, and prime pump if needed.

4.         Pull desired line(s) and open discharge(s).

5.         Select Pressure Control Mode on pump panel. Set desired pressure.

6.         Establish water supply.

7.         Check for kinks in hose.

8.         To shut pump down, reverse procedure.

Auxiliary Pump Operation:

1.         Open / Push Tank to Auxiliary Pump valve. 

2.         Turn Auxiliary Pump Ignition Switch to warm, wait for engine heater to cycle.

3.         Turn Auxiliary Pump Switch to Start. (May be done at Panel or in Cab)

4.         Open / Push Tank to Auxiliary Pump valve, if not done, and prime pump if needed.

5.         Pull desired line(s) and open discharge(s).

6.         Select Pressure Control Mode on Auxiliary Pump control panel. Set desired pressure.

7.         To shut pump down, reverse procedure, turn OFF ignition switch.

Foam Pump Operation:      WORKING

Hoseloads:       Front Crosslay - 1½" x 200’, controlled at panel.

                        Rear Crosslay - 1¾” x 200’, controlled at panel for Initial Attack & Break & Extend Ops.

                        Front Bumper Beds - 1¾” x 100’ pre-connect for Initial Attack & Break & Extend Ops.  

- 1½” x 200’ in middle compt.

Right Rear 2½” Discharge - 2½” x 200’ pre-connect controlled at Rear discharge.

Left Rear Direct Tank Fill - 3” x 50’ pre-connect suction hose controlled at Inlet.

                        500’+ 2½”-3” hose in main hosebed, last 50’ in Donut Roll with 2½” gate valve.

                                    Two - 1½” x 100’ hose bundles in right rear hose bed slot.

                        Two - 1½" x 200' Wildland Hose Packs in upper Rear compartment.

                        Two - 3” x 25’ short supply hose, one each side, in step compartments.                      

Priming Pump/ Drafting:  Close ALL valves (tank to pump, tank fill, discharges), attach suction hose and strainer to suction inlet, tighten couplings to reduce air leaks, open suction valve, activate primer for 30 seconds (watch suction hose), check/ increase pressure to 80-100 psi, re-fill tank, open discharge(s) SLOWLY, increase pressure as needed, set pressure control.

Jet Siphon/Strainer Operations: Must have 50-100 gallons water on board. Attach Jet Siphon Strainer to suction hose, attach 1½” hose to Jet Siphon and pump discharge, connect suction hose to apparatus suction inlet, place Jet Siphon in water source, open discharge to Jet Siphon at 100psi, open suction inlet bleeder until water discharges, close bleeder valve, open suction inlet valve, open tank fill slowly to circulate water, close tank to pump, increase pressure and re-fill tank, open discharge(s) slowly, set desired pressure and pressure control.

Back fill Operations: Must have 25+ gallons on board. Attach 3” suction hose with Foot Valve strainer attached. Open suction inlet valve until water fills suction hose (may need to bleed air at coupling), increase pump pressure, open tank fill to circulate water, close tank to pump, increase pressure, refill tank, open discharge(s), adjust pressure as needed, set pressure control.

Porta-Tank Operations: Porta-Tanks are 1000 - 3000+ gallons. Place Porta-Tanks on smooth level surface with ground cover or tarp beneath to protect from sharp objects & rocks. If using two or more tanks, place tanks in close proximity with one corner overlapping, diamond to diamond. This provides maximum access and refill capability.  Do not obstruct vehicles. Use Jet Syphon Strainer and suction hose to transfer water from tank to tank.

120 VAC Inverter:    WORKING

The engine is equipped with a 2000 watt, 120vac inverter under the right rear seat. Activate by a switch on the inverter. Flood lights and cords are located in the right rear step compartment.

Foam Eductors:

Apparatus are equipped with 95gpm and 60gpm foam eductors. Attach the educator to pre-connect hose at the 15’ tag line connection. Set educator to 0.5% for class A or 3% for class B fires. Have foam ready. Charge to 200psi. PDP. Nozzles must be open fully to properly mix concentrate.